Thursday, October 27, 2011

A whole new world

Day 7 - Over the last two days the cravings have started to hurt a bit. But I'm not pining for a bag of starbursts, I'd just jump over the moon if I could have a handful of sultanas to be honest!

Funny how by cutting out the sugar your taste sensations change. I had myself a bowl of Jalna whole fat natural yoghurt earlier. Normally I've found this to be rather sour and hard to take (compared to sweetness of flavored yoghurts) but this evening it was - WOW! It truly hit the spot. (I topped it with some hazelnut meal, cinnamon and chia seeds just for fun. Yeh, that's how I roll, now). 

Likewise I'm coming to notice that tomatoes taste rather sweet in my salad. Have they always been sweet? Or have my tastebuds been so clogged with sugar I've never really noticed.

It's killing me that for the last two weeks my Aussie Farmers Direct organic box of fruit and veg has contained a mango. Every time I see it sitting in the fridge, I salivate a little. Last week I sent it in the kids day care lunch, so I didn't have to put myself through cutting it up for them. (I'm not normally a big fruit eater, but it seems by stripping back my sugar overload I'm craving the more nutritious varieties).  

Bring on Tuesday so I can get rid of that mango temptation once again!


  1. I just randomly found your blog, but I am also following Sarah Wilson's ebook- I am only 4 days in but it is definitely a huge struggle for me. I just read all of your old entries and I was wondering if you were still planning on having chocolate with your husband this weekend? I think there is no way I could have any- then I would never stop! I'd love to hear what you decide to do/what happens, as I would love to some day be able to have the occasional piece of something with fructose in it but at the moment it seems an impossibility.

  2. laurakitty - hello and congrats on starting the I Quit Sugar plan. Funny you mention the chocolate - I was just thinking about blogging about it. Yes, hubby and I cracked open a block of dairy milk last night. But it was REALLY sweet and I felt a little ill afterwards - so how long it lasts I'm not sure.

    It's a tough one - I really feel like if I get rid of everything entirely (particularly the social type eating events) then I will lapse and then give up on the plan altogether (its just kind of my nature - if I can't do it perfectly right, then I won't do it at all!), so I figure if I keep 1 or 2 situations in there, in which I can eat some sugar-laden foods then I won't beat myself up about it. It's just as long as I can keep the cravings from hitting. Hope that makes sense...

  3. Followed the link.from sweet poison fb page, great read, I'm following Sarah book and sweet poison too. Into my second week, laughed when I read about the tomatoes, I just mentioned to my husband at lunch how yummy they were, must have got a good batch at woolies and he looked at me like I was slightly crazy. At the time I thought, maybe my tastebuds r changing. Also today at Melbourne cup luncheon I tried a bit of fruit crumble and ice cream and had a mouthful, it was him but really didn't want anymore.. very weird. Lastly I'm sitting her with a bowl of twisties as a treat and I really can't get many down. I'm feeling confident that my body is starting to control what it wants and when it's had enough. Really amazed, especially considering two weeks ago.I was eating sooo much chocolate and lollies and food in general. Will have to keep checking in and see how u r going.