Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sugarfree Saturday sucks

It's Saturday night. I've done 3 days sugar free. Well not technically, there has been the very odd bit here and there, but by comparison to my usual intake it's probably down 95%.

Yesterday and today I was on a real no-sugar high. Excited by the prospect of a change, and equally excited about the range of foods and flavours I'm going to experiment with. Coincidentally, last week I also started arranging home delivery of an organic box of fruit and veg from Aussie Farmers Direct - the mystery of what we are going to get is exciting and it's prompting me to try new things. 

But.... at the moment, it's 8:40 on a Saturday night and my body wants to feel the love of sugar. Doubts are starting to creep in - can I really sustain this? Is this worth it? Why deny myself so many things I love? This is a ridiculous idea.

Nevertheless, I will not yield. This still feels like the right thing for me to try. 

Where I'm struggling, how I'm coping:

  • As predicted - breakfast time! I know eggs on toast sound like a novel idea, but with two kids popping around me it's hardly the ideal breaky cuisine. I've opted for porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon.Quite frankly, this isn't really cutting the mustard.

I am however, chasing it down with a slice or two of multigrain toast with vegemite and I'm very excited that butter has made it's way back on the menu. This smooth delight is getting me through, and may possibly be doing a better job of filling me up than the muesli/fruit/yogi combo was doing previously.
  • After lunch: I'm craving that sweetness. I usually raid the cupboard for anything sweet - meringues, dried fruit, soft drink or, I drag the kids to the supermarket claiming we're in desperate need of milk (when in fact it's mum in desperate need of chocolate!) Voluntarily taking two toddlers to the supermarket is clearly the sign of a desperate woman. Over the last few days however - peppermint tea has been my savior.
  • Right now: as mentioned Saturday night. I deserve to relax a little don't I? Normally, I'm not a huge alcohol drinker, but given that wine gets the ok from Sarah I'm making that my weekend indulgence. And because one glass basically renders me paralysed, I rarely get up to get myself another.
Meals I'm finding ok. I'm actually enjoying the relaxed attitude towards fats. It's a shift in thinking, but it's nice to make a meal with all the trimmings that go well with the foods (creamed silverbeet, carrot and radish salad with an oil based dressing for example - you can find these on my recipe page). It's the snacks that I'm finding tricky - no dried fruit, no fresh fruit, no rice crackers (sugar in there? Seriously!). But I'm trying to reach for nuts, plain crackers or the kettle for a herbal tea.

Day four here we come...

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