Saturday, October 29, 2011

This ain't no yawn, but it's just as catching

Earlier in the week my husband measured out how much Just Right he was putting in his breakfast bowl. He read the label. He checked the sugar content. He was a bit embarrassed. This morning I noticed he had scribbled his current weight on the calendar.  I asked him if he was starting to think in an "I Quit Sugar" way. He confessed he was. 

I've banished Weetbix Bites from the cupboard. The kids are now reaching for the plain old Weetbix for breakfast. My 4 year old son in particular is gobbling them down. As I write this post I'm recalling how many times this week I've told my husband how pleasant our son has been. It's just dawned on me that it may not be a coincidence. (I've also stopped giving them the odd jam sandwich and I don't think they've have had any "special" drinks - i.e. the flavoured milk they talk me into with every trip to the supermarket... we are having less supermarket trips though, giving that I'm not pining to go to get something for myself)

I'm not going to force this "I Quit Sugar" regime onto my family - but I'm really pleased that by me looking out for myself a bit more, it's having a positive impact on them as well. If I can just pull back the reigns a bit on the kids' sugar intake (and before reading Sarah's e-book I thought I was a pretty health conscious mum), and encourage my husband to make wiser choices then that in itself will be pretty damn sweet!

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  1. It's funny how this works. I decided the same thing, I told my husband I wouldn't force it on them. But since I do the grocery shopping, it will probably just start happening!

    Hope you're feeling good today!