Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healthy Holidays

Well, I'm back from my mini break and overall I would call it a sugar free success. I'll admit, it wasn't easy. The combination of being somewhere different, exposed to new foods, having plenty of time on my hands and the freedom of being away from my little ones, made temptation pretty strong. But I did not cave.

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 I can't guarantee however, that it was an entirely sugar free weekend - my friends and I enjoyed some delectable almond dumplings (not a dessert) on my final night there. If those dumplings didn't have sugar in them, then I must get hold of the recipe and dine on them for every meal for the rest of my being. 

Aside from the Indian, here's how I got by:
  • At the airport, where I'd normally pass my time waiting at the gate with a hot chocolate and a muffin, I opted for a lemongrass and ginger tea. The sense of freedom and rebellion still gripped me and I added a mini-tube of Pringles to my order. The privilege cost me $8.00 and the Pringles weren't that great. I'll just stick with tea next time.
  • On the plane, I used gulps of water to shut up that devilish voice that reminds me I'm tens of thousands of metres above civilisation and I should eat. It should be noted that my neighbouring passenger order a can of Coke and I loathed him instantly.
  • I came clean about sugarfreeness to my hosts. I wasn't going to, in fear it might put undue pressure on them to clean out their pantry and rethink their potential meals plans. But thankfully for me they aren't that organised and I had fair say in what we ate each evening, so I'm glad that I spilled my sugarfree beans. They did however, also enjoy a glass of Coke over dinner. Thankfully I'm in love with them, so I didn't have cause to loathe them as much as my plane-man. (I also justified it to myself that if I had any coke, I'd likely be likely to be zipping around like fly avoid the swatter for 24 hours).
  • Being honest about my sugarfree state also came in handy when, after the aforementioned Indian meal, I halfheartedly suggested we get ice cream. Knowing my new found stance on sugar, they took it as a no-heartedly suggestion and laughed it off.  I was both pleased and disappointed.  
  • I was left to my own devices for breakfasts and lunches. Not wanting to overflow their pantry with leftover sugarfree goodies I generally used what they had in stock. Rye bread toasted with swiss cheese (Who knew swiss cheese was so sweet!) was my breakfast stable and lunch was almost a replica but untoasted and with the addition of turkey.
  • There was one day, sun was shining, I was wandering amongst trendy cafes and outdoor markets. It was mid afternoon and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was severely craving a milkshake. It was a close call. I grabbed myself a spinach and feta roll for lunch and then went to a swimsuit store and tried on bikinis. Funnily enough, all cravings for milkshake soon dissipated.
My only other close call was the plane ride home. My ears were killing me, thanks to the flu I'm now in the midst of (and wondering if the change in diet, lack of usual salad and vegies and/or possible sugar intake is to blame?) and a sweet little lass (maybe 8 years old?) next to me offered me a chewy (collective "awww"). I was so tempted since she taken the time to offer. But I politely declined, but was appreciative all the same. 

This week I move into week 8.

This week I move into the rest of my life.

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